The food of love from around the world

The legend of St. Valentine is shrouded in mystery. One legend says Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided single men made better soldiers than those with families, he outlawed marriage. Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret, causing Claudius to order he be put to death.

It is also told that Valentine sent the first Valentine’s Day greeting. Yet another legend says Valentine fell in love while imprisoned, perhaps with the jailor’s daughter who visited him. Before his death, he is said to have written her a letter and signed it “From your Valentine.”

Regardless of its origins, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world. While February 14th marks a day where everyone knows to send Chocolates as the go-to gift, however, we’ve found some global recipes to treat your loved ones and to take you both on a mini trip around the world with Valentine’s Day foodie traditions.


Rosewater Tea from the Middle East

Roses are said to be the flower of Venus, the roman goddess of love. So why not start the most romantic day of the year with your very own love potion? Created by mixing hot water along with rose water and sugar you can wake up with a sweet and refreshing drink that may leave you and your loved one heart-eyed all day.


Piranha Soup from Brazil

One of the more exotic foods on the menu is the Piranha soup or Caldo de Piranha. The famously ferocious fish is difficult to catch due to their nature, however many Brazilians are willing to risk it for the delicious dish. Made with lime, tomatoes and bell peppers the soup is said to be full of flavours as well as an aphrodisiac. 

Hazelnut candies from Italy

One of the many gifts given in Italy over the romantic holiday are small, chocolate covered, hazelnut candies called Baci Perugina – usually wrapped in a slip of paper with romantic quotes in 4 different languages!



Giant, sweet, ginger cookies from Germany

Although much of the world supports chocolate as the sweet of love, the Germans have chosen to take a different route. The Lebkuchen are sweet 6-inch gingerbread cookies that are made with love notes written on them. They are then given to the partner or crush as a romantic gesture. 



Heart-shaped Omelettes from South Korea

Putting a romantic twist on an easy dish, why not try making some amazing heart-shaped omelettes for your breakfast in bed. This dish is a highlight of the Korean Valentine’s Day, where they believe that food should be art for the eyes before it is eaten. 

Ceviche from Latin America

Like in many Latin American countries, Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers but for friends too, chocolates are gifted but Ceviche features on Valentine’s menus. Originating from Peru hundreds of years ago, Ceviche is made from raw fish and oysters, it is said that the dish is able to help spread love and happiness to the ones who share it.  


Colourful rice dishes from Miao, South West China

The Chinese Sisters’ meal festival is considered one of the oldest Valentine’s Day traditions in the world. Based on an old legend, the women of the Miao minority would collect flowers and leaves from the mountains so that they could dye their rice the four colours of the seasons. This rice is then presented and eaten by their given suiter. Their celebration, in fact, begins in April this year and the festival lasts for 3 days!



Oysters and Chocolate from Great Britain

We all know that Chocolates are the number 1 gift given and received on Valentine’s Day but Brits also like to indulge in steak, venison and oysters on the 14th. These high-value, rich, full flavoured foods are usually accompanied by candles and a nice bottle of red wine to set the mood of love. Here at the Blacksmiths Arms, we have a great selection of romantic food and drinks for you to have the most romantic Valentines. To find out more or to make a booking make sure to call ahead on 01642 700303




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